Backpacks and our assistance to ELUCO

Every fall Rowntree asks the congregation to pick up school supplies and backpacks to donate to ELUCO- the East London United Church Outreach. These are items destined for needy kids in east London. For this fall, 2018, we donated 33 backpacks and many other items such as pens, pencils, markers etc.

Also- the first Sunday of the month we ask our congregation to bring in non-perishable food items that get delivered to the ELUCO food cupboard – in Gethsemane Gardens, corner of Sandford and Huron in London.

The ELUCO food cupboard is a busy spot – in June 2018 it served 56 families, 100 adults and 45 children. Numbers for July were 48 families, 87 adults and 39 children. For August the numbers were 55 families, 106 adults and 25 children. Thank-You for your donations of food and dollars to help sustain this project.

Rowntree UCW and our Outreach group sponsored 5 children for Camp Kee Mo Kee this past summer as part of our support to ELUCO.