59th Cub has a food drive- see the great results

Congrats to Shannon of our 59th Cub group for the work on organizing and running a food drive. For four hours on June 25,  Shannon was able to raise 396lbs in food donations as well as another$ 190.00 in cash donations for the London Food Bank.
Here are a couple of pictures from the day.
Way to go Shannon – we are all very proud of your efforts and compassion!!

‘Black Lives Matter’ A Christian’s viewpoint

June 26, 2020. From Nora Sanders, General Secretary of the United Church of Canada

Some people have questioned the phrase, Black Lives Matter with the retort, “all lives matter.” But that misses the point. The need is to proclaim what is not apparent in the way our society works. The way our society works reflects a reality that White people’s lives matter the most. That White people are the norm…  continue to article…..  https://mailchi.mp/united-church/notefromnora-200626?e=b8ccaf5f32

Build or Buy a Birdhouse !

Fundraising is a major part of many church’s budgets, including Rowntree’s . But traditionally they rely on big gatherings- meals, bazaars’ etc. Which of course doesn’t  work in the days of Covid19. So we’ve come up with the idea of offering birdhouses for sale- either completed or you-build them. As a bonus- if you build it yourself, any children involved have a good craft to build and enjoy after. Click on picture to enlarge for more details.