Rowntree’s Fundraisers

In a ‘normal ‘ year, Rowntree plans on 3 or 4 big events as fundraisers – a giant spring sale, a Christmas concert with the Forest City Singers, special dinners and a Strawberry Social etc. But 2020 has been a very different year with Covid19. Large gatherings are either unlawful or people dont feel safe. So we’ve had to change our fundraising too.

Home made jams and jellies-  Sorry  we’re  sold  out,  hopefully  more  to  come  !!



All delicious of course !!

To order contact Maryjane at 519 878 0340





Birdhouses for Sale 

We offer our ‘Tweet Birdhouse’, as complete ( $15) or a kit ($10.)  Either way – its a great way to attract birds to your backyard.  And the kits are a great craft for kids to build . More info – contact Julie – 519 851 2648