Reflections and other notable sound clips

We’re offering many of the Sunday messages and other multi-media items as audio clips here on the Rowntree web site.

Rev Wendy Noble’s message for Lent 3, March 15; At the Well, based on John 4:  5

Rev. Wendy Noble’s message for Lent 2, March 8; Nicodemus- Making Love Count

Rev Wendy Nobles’ message for Len 1, Mar 1; Temptation, Trust and Faith

Pastor Val Hodgins’ message for our Anniversary Sunday- Jan 26;

Past, Present, Future 

Jenn Brown, ministerial student, reflection for Dec 8, based on Matt 3: 1-12

Rev Anne Corbett’s message for Oct 27;  Ruth, Naomi & God’s Stick-To-Itnevess

Rev. Wendy Noble’s Easter Message

Lost Generation‘ video clip from You Tube at