Truth and Reconciliation

The tragic legacy of Residential Schools – three stories 

The Mt Elgin Industmt-elgin-buildingrial Institute

“You had five minutes to get up when the first bell would ring, five minutes to get up and put your clothes on, five minutes to run two flights of stairs and be downstairs and stand in line for the second bell to go in and wash your hands and face…You should see the girls coming down there—we had boots that laced up high and they’d tie them together and lace them when they got to the bottom. If you weren’t down there—up you would go to get the strap. They would give you the strap for being late—you were supposed to be down there when you were supposed to be”.  click to read the remainder of the story …



The legacy of the Residential School system is one of  heartbreak, injustice and abuse. Read about one boys experience when he’d finally had enough and decided to take things into his own hands. This is the story of Willie Blackwater which eventually led to the Reconciliation Commission. Link to the the article in the United Church Observer.


New >  See the movie – We Are Still Here –  Three elders from Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, and the Bjekwanong First Nation on Walpole Island, share their memories of surviving residential schools. Produced by the Right Relations Group of Lambton Presbytery, United Church of Canada.