Monthly Saturday Breakfast Program- ended June 17, 2017

Where do individuals and families in need turn for help when they cannot afford to put a healthy meal on the table? If you are a resident of London, you can visit one of 10 churches throughout the city for a Saturday breakfast. Rowntree Memorial United was one of those churches which ran a program for  more than two decades. But our program closed down June 17 , 2017 for many reasons; 3 other church’s serving the same day, lower numbers of those in need coming to our church and a lack of new volunteers.


Since we began we  offered a full hot breakfast of sausages, eggs and pancakes ++ . In 2009, we served 302 meals at a cost of approximately $1.93 per person. For the past four years, that same meal has cost closer to $2.70 per person. Our highest annual attendance in the past five years was 449 in 2013 with an average of 380 meals per year served since 2009. Approximately 82% of those seeking help would be men over 40, 17% would be women in the same age group. We see very few families these days.

Rowntree’s breakfast program was supported financially through the generosity of the congregation as well as other church bodies such as the UCW and the Mission & Outreach team.