Mission and Outreach at Rowntree

Mission and Outreach, both local and global, is an integral part of Rowntree’s ministry,

Mission and Service

We are committed to the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service fund; the focus is on human rights, social justice, peace initiatives and global development; the fund is typically around $30 million.Our support was $16,003. for 2014

In addition to this,  our congregation supports many other projects; in 2014 we supported ; Dimes for Diva’s; a total of $179. was raised for the UCC Extra Measures for support in Peru.  Our Christmas Hamper project is one of our biggest- in 2014 we sent out 37 hampers, 5 donated to Knollwood Park school. Cash donations totaled $1755.for this project


Kare for Kids/ Zamokhule Care Centre

Rowntree supported Kare for Kids for two years as a Lenten project. The congregation was encouraged to donate to Middlesex Presbytery’s project to raise enough funds to build a day care centre in Wattville, Benoni, South Africa. The response was phenomenal and as a congregation we donated $1478.10. For more information on this project go to Ivan Pastoral Charge

Update on this project – Sept 2018. Kare For Kids’s goal of $120,000. to build the day care was reached in Oct 2013. One major problem surfaced in 2014, the lack of a deed for the property the building was supposed to be built on. So after some time the solution was to use and convert shipping containers as buildings. As it turns out this is a popular route to build in South Africa – so popular there are companies that specialize in this wok. At the same time there was a name change to the project – now called the Zamokhule Care Centre. The centre was opened Jan 20, 2018 to much local appreciation. 

Hospitality Meals

In these difficult times we help feed the hungry by hosting a weekly meal on Tuesdays from 5:30- 7:00PM.

This Spuds for You

This annual program encourages Rowntree people to plant or purchase some vegetables for the London and Area Food Bank. We also plant a large garden at the church with either potatoes or carrots. We add that total to our annual Thanksgving Harvest donation celebration. Annual yields typically exceed 250kgs of fresh produce.

ELUCO  go to Eluco home page

We are one of the original members of the East London United Church Outreach cluster of churches.  As well as providing financial support we participate in ELUCO’s fundraising endeavours. Through ELUCO we sponsor children to attend our local United Church Camp, Camp Kee-mo-kee. We also assist at the Welcome Wednesday program at the Salvation Army Church on Huron St.BackPaks
In the fall we typically run the “Fill A Back Pack” project, where we ask for the donation of various school supplies – back packs, lunch boxes, pencil cases, notebooks, markers and crayons. We will collect these until mid August and then turn them over to the ELUCO Community Worker for distribution to needy families in  NorthEast London.This fall – 2017 – we sent in 37  backpacks plus some miscellaneous school supplies.

There are other projects supported too- for the full list see our latest Annual Report.

Kee-Mo-Kee news Oct 2017 Update

Reach for the Rainbow is a non-profit organization that strives to integrate youth with disabilities into mainstream society. Their program provides an environment for inclusion for youth and while offering respite to parents. Campers are paired with counselors 1:1 . This year 13 youth attended Kee Mo Kee through this program.
 In May and June the camp offers school field trips, in 2017 1,432 elementary kids attended from 25 schools. Research shows that increasing children’s connection to  nature improves health, happiness and well being.
 The camp provides meaningful employment for 36 young adults each year. For the past several years we have run an operating surplus. This has occurred by having our registration fees close to the market rates and doing more marketing. About 10% of our revenue comes from school groups and rentals, Middlesex Presbytery accounts for 7% of our revenue.
 Coming soon – we are embarking on a capital fundraising program of over a $1 Million to update the camp. More info to follow.
Judy White