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Pulled Pork Fall Supper at Rowntree

Please join us for another great supper with the usual heaping helping of hospitality !! 

Thanksgiving- not just one day. Check out whats been said about it….

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Our new Moderator, Richard Bott’s welcome message

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An open letter and video to Premier Doug Ford from us in Ministry at the United Church of Canada

A short letter, and video, from many of us in Ministry,  listing the values and pursuits we’d like you to consider. 


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Our Window Fundraiser Raffle

In the spirit of reducing our carbon footprint, Rowntree is endeavoring to save energy by upgrading our windows.

Raffle tickets to upgrade our gym windows are available from Brian Kominaek or Debbie Betchen until Nov 25.
Tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 . See display of raffle items in church.

Draw will be Sunday Nov 25. Thanks for supporting this effort.