Fill a Backpack for ELUCO- a request from the Outreach Team

Hi folks

Summer is a time of fun and relaxing. Its also time for our yearly Fill A Backpack drive for Sept. for the East London United Church Outreach org.  Every summer we gather school supplies; backpacks, pens, pencil crayons, markers, lunch freezer packs- anything kids can use for school in September. Drop off items in the ‘school bus ‘ in the narthex or a container in the ‘Lift’ area until August 13.

A Commitment to Prayer

A Commitment to Prayer

 “Prayer is the way to stay in love with God. Prayer is the way individuals, small groups and congregations grow and become vivid…Prayer is more about receiving from God than it is asking God for things or working hard at intercession…prayer involves effort, habit and focus; but it results in lightness and energy and excitement.”

                                                Martha Grace Reese    “Unbinding the Gospel” p. 51

 We make a commitment to pray…

 For our congregation:

  • for a renewal of prayer and faith
  • for visitors to our congregation on Sunday morning that they will feel a sense of God’s presence and know that this is a place where they can belong, grow, and give
  • for our financial needs that they will be met abundantly
  • for discernment of where God is leading us and the faith to follow
  • for every worship service to be an experience of joy and growth in faith and love

For one other and what’s going on in our lives:

  • that we will each give our time, choices, and decisions to God
  • that each person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs will be met
  • that each person will know the abundant love of God in Christ
  • that those who have not been active for a while will again find (your church) to be a place that gives them life

For our Council and other congregational leaders:

  • that God will show us what to do and give us the people and resources to do it
  • that we will share our faith stories with one another and help one another see and feel the presence of God in our lives
  • for creativity, courage, vision, and joy in our work


Prayer Tips

  • Try a daily prayer time. Spend time with God by yourself. Read scripture. Journal or pray for others. Sit quietly and listen to God
  • Pray with others. This is also a crucial aspect of prayer.
  • When you pray, spend more time listening than speaking and let your prayers follow the urges or ideas that come into your mind.
  • When you pray for others imagine the light of God shining on them and filling them, and ask God to meet the needs that you don’t know but that God surely does.
  • Before you come to worship on Sunday, spend time in prayer for all those giving leadership. Imagine the sanctuary filled with the light of God. Envision the fire of the Spirit burning over the head of each person.
  • Tell others – at Council, or UCW, or in a Committee meeting about the inspiration and ideas that come to you. Seek the wisdom and encouragement of others – none of us have all the answers. Help one another with discernment and accountability.


Federal Gov’t matching donations for Extreme Hunger Appeal

Government Matching Donations to Extreme Hunger Appeal

The United Church’s Extreme Hunger Appeal is helping our partners on the ground respond to this grave crisis in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen. All eligible donations made from March 17 to June 30 will be matched by the federal government. Please give!

As of May 2017, the Extreme Hunger Appeal has raised over $225,000 for long-term Mission & Service partners working in Africa and the Middle East. Through the Canadian government’s Famine Relief Fund, all eligible donations to the United Church’s Extreme Hunger Appeal made from March 17 to June 30, 2017, will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the government. Find out more aboutgovernment matched donations.

For shareable social media graphics, a slide, and bulletin insert, scroll to the bottom of the Extreme Hunger Appeal webpage.

Syrian Refugee Crisis; an update and our moderator’s views


Syrian refugee update from the United Church of Canada – Dec 1 2016 

As of Advent 2016, UC congregations in Canada have raised over $8 million to sponsor more than 900 refugees. In addition more than $1 million was raised for the Syrian Refugee appeal for helping out  Mission & Service partners assisting refugee camps.   ( source – advent letter from Moderator – received late Nov. )

To donate to M&S  – go to UC web site or call 800-268-3781 x 2738.

Locally there are many United Church’s sponsoring Syrian families or fundraising to support other church’s. ie Calvary United, Byron United to name a few. If you want to help Calvary, the contact there is Steve Hebden at 519-636-8814.

For More Information – For more information about this humanitarian crisis and for details about how to make a donation, please visit The United Church of Canada’s webpage on the Syria Refugee Appeal.

See the thoughts of our new Moderator, the Right Rev Jordan Cantwell on this issue and 3 steps you can take to help. Moderator’s thoughts and plans re Refugee crisisportrait_cantwell