We invite all United Church members to listen….

….So we (Rev. Kenji Marui President of and Rev. Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa Executive Secretary of London Conference) write to you, at the direction of the Conference Executive, to invite all United Church members to listen—

Listen to the cries from Orlando and hold them in prayer…
Listen to the fear this event understandably sparks in the LGBTQ community and in all who love them…
Listen for the invitation to attend/participate in Pride events…
Listen for the Spirit.
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Fearless Living in 2016


                          Rev Wendy Noble

From the minister’s desk

Just when you think you have heard it all: the news just keeps getting worse! Yesterday we heard about the suicide bombers in the airport in Turkey, just days ago there was the shootings in Orlando. Through out the campaign over the EU decision we have heard the horrific exclusionary rhetoric around Great Britain’s EU referendum. Not to mention the daily dose of Donald Trump’s phobic, intolerant presidential bid. And then we can consider the debate here in London about painting a rainbow cross walk or two. The rhetoric that a such a small matter in such a large world could generate.

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One of our main missions; The United Church ‘Mission and Service Fund’ – 2015.

Mission & Service Annual Givings 2015 – A review of the latest full year of Mission & Service givings. In 2015 UCW, congregations, and individual givings totaled $24.99M, a decline of $0.67M from the prior year, and the second lowest decline in five years. But keep in mind this decline was in spite of congregational givings of more than $8 million to support Syrian refugees. So all in all an amazing story of our people’s compassion and generosity.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis; an update and our moderator’s views

Update March 20

Thanks to the generosity of respondents to the United Church’s Emergency Appeal for Syrian Refugees, as of Feb. 2016, the United Church has received nearly $900,000 to support partners responding to this crisis.

Locally there are many United Church’s sponsoring Syrian families or fundraising to support other church’s. ie Calvary United, Byron United to name a few. If you want to help Calvary, the contact there is Steve Hebden at 519-636-8814.

For More Information – For more information about this humanitarian crisis and for details about how to make a donation, please visit The United Church of Canada’s webpage on the Syria Refugee Appeal.

See the thoughts of our new Moderator, the Right Rev Jordan Cantwell on this issue and 3 steps you can take to help. Moderator’s thoughts and plans re Refugee crisisportrait_cantwell