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London Community Chaplaincy looking to hire a men’s community builder

The London Community Chaplaincy provides support to children and families living in the two largest low income housing complexes in the City of London. The London Community Chaplaincy seeks to build community with families who face the challenges of living in poverty and to build community with faith communities across the city seeking to share their energy and resources. Anchored by our faith, we endeavor to create and sustain a belief in the endless possibility of the human spirit by empowering those living in poverty.

We are currently looking for a positive team player, skilled at community building to join our ministry team.

Compensation: $17/Hour, approximately 6-8 hours/week, various shifts required, including some evening and or weekend work

To apply: Please submit resume and cover letter to chaplain@londoncommunitychaplaincy.com by January 22nd, 2016. While we appreciate all applications, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Words of blessing from the Imams of the London Muslim Mosque and the Islamic Center of SW Ontario

Message of London Muslims to the Christian Community of London, Ontario
As we come upon the season of festivities for many of our neighbors and friends who are
celebrating and commemorating the birth of Jesus this time of year, it is important to recognize and
emphasize the commonalities that exist between us as Muslims and Christians in order to spread the
message of mercy, love and peace that both Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them, brought forth
to humankind. In the Qur’an, Jesus is referred to as ‘Isa the son of Maryam (Mary), both of whom are
held in high esteem within the Islamic tradition. Although there are clear theological differences
between Islam and Christianity in terms how Jesus and Mary are perceived, Muslims are obliged to
believe in and affirm the greatness of Jesus and his mother, along with the miracles associated with them
that are described in detail in the Qur’anic scripture. Both Jesus and Muhammad are referred to as
Prophets of “great resolve” and the virgin Mary was described by the Prophet Muhammad as one of the
best of women ever to set foot on this earth. This year, the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, the birth
month of the Prophet Muhammad, also falls in December. So as Christians remember the birth of Jesus,
Muslims commemorate the birth of Muhammad, who also came with a message of Love and Mercy
from the Divine, and seek to emulate his exemplary character and ways in dealing with everyone. This
presents an opportunity for collective reflection and mutual understanding between Muslims, Christians
and all other people along with a chance to ponder on what it means to exemplify the qualities of great
men such as Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them, and to live the message of loving compassion
they both brought to the world. In this way, we may collectively work together towards living in a state
of peace and benefit for all people and in all places. At this time, on behalf of the Muslim community
of London, Ontario, we would like to wish all of our fellow Christian Londoners and Canadians, and
indeed all of our brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of religion, race, or creed, a joyous and
happy holidays and a prosperous new year.
In peace and sincerity,
Abd Alfatah Twakkal , Imam, London Muslim Mosque , Dr. Jamal Taleb
Imam, Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario

Mission & Service Fund emergency response – Haiti, Cuba & surrounding areas- updated

Many of you have no doubt heard about the devastation which has occurred in Haiti and the surrounding countries in the Caribbean. This email is to inform you that the United Church of Canada has launched a full appeal to assist our Mission & Service partners in those areas as they work to make a real difference in the lives of hurting people.

 Donations can also be made by telephone with a Visa or MasterCard, or by cheque.  Please be sure to note on your cheque that the donation is for “Emergency Response—Hurricane Matthew.”   

Upadate in  November ;  Thanks to your generosity, as of November 8, 2016 the United Church has received over $100,000 for emergency relief, rebuilding, and rehabilitation.  In rapid response the church has sent $20,000 to our partners from the Emergency Response Fund and is appealing for donations and is encouraging prayers throughout the church. The United Church works with long-standing local partners who have well-established and trusted distribution networks on the ground, including in remote communities. These partners work diligently to ensure the donations they administer reach the most vulnerable communities in the greatest need as quickly as possible. Following the 2010 earthquake the United Church provided more than $4 million dollars in assistance to Haiti.

Members of ACT Alliance are already in place in Haiti, assisting those affected by the hurricane. The United Church’s direct partners in the Haiti are The Methodist Church of Haiti and The Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute (ICKL). In Cuba, the Cuban Council of Churches leads the ACT Alliance response. Financial assistance from the appeal may also be provided to church partners in other Caribbean countries affected by Hurricane Matthew.

More information and an on-line donation portal can be found at http://www.united-church.ca/hurricane-matthew

re Rev. Gretta Vosper

Dear Friends,
No doubt by now many of you will be aware of the controversy surrounding the continued ministry of Rev. Gretta Vosper in the United Church of Canada. On September 7th, 2016 the Toronto Conference Interview Committee released their report


of interviews with Ms. Vosper and several others. This Interview Committee recommended placing Vosper on the “discontinued service” list as being unsuitable for continued ministry in the United Church. Their view was that Vosper would not be seen as fit for ordination today and that she could not say that she was in “essential agreement” with her ordination vows. Additionally they determined that remediation actions would not alter Vosper’s views. There is a recommendation for a formal hearing.
Please take the time to read through the report for accurate information. There has already been media reports that often miss or leave out information and terminology. You will find a very clear description of United Church process, theology and actual examination of this case in the article. Continued prayers for those who have been tasked with this responsibility would be most appreciated.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Wendy